Snapchat Application: Communicate with Photos & Videos Fun App

Snapchat Application

Snapchat is an application through which you can using for communicate with your Friends utilizing just photos that they can see for a few moments before they disappear always, without trace on either of your phones. I know you’ve probably heard about Snapchat. It’s the popular mobile app that allows you to send photos & videos, both of which will self destruct after a few seconds of a person viewing them.

Snapchat Application for Photos & Videos Snaps

Snapchat is a Photos and Videos messaging application. It launched in 2011. This is the first app for photo & videos that you can use safely, because of that all photos and videos see in limited times. They all photos & videos you will share with your friends & all, it’s seem few minutes and after that this stuff will be disappear forever.

Snapchat Application

Snapchat App Advantage Photos & Videos

Snapchat is also a fun messaging app. You can utilize this app for capture a photo or brief video with it, then add a caption or doodle or filter/lens over top, and send the finished creation (called a snap) to a friend. Alternatively, you can also add your snap to your story, a 24-Hour collection of all your snaps that’s broadcasted to the world or just your followers see that few minutes.

As of May 2014, the Application user of Snapchat we’re sending 700 million snaps a day.

Snaps – Photos Snapchat

Photos or Videos taken with Snapchat. take a Snaps, add text to the Snap if you want, select the amount of time that the Photo will be available for, and send it to whoever you want. It’s that easy.

Snaps – Videos Snapchat

Photos or Videos taken with Snapchat. take a Videos, add text to the Video and more features if you want, select the amount of time that the Video will be available for, and send it to whoever you want. It’s Also easy.

Snapcode – Snapchat

Snapcodes are scannable codes that make adding new Snapchat friends. It’s easy to use. Your Snapcode is located in the center of your Profile Screen. We’ll be the first to admit that Snapchat is so simple it’s almost confusing.

How to Download Snapchat

Download Snapchat (it’s free) from Google Play Store & App Store and create an account and user ID. after that’s done, the app will always open and ready to use that. take the snap and enjoy the Snapchat App.

Making a story using Snapchat

Let’s talk about making a story using Snapchat: To make a story, which is essentially a snap that exists for 24 hours and can be communicated to every one of your followers, tap the story symbol from the Camera screen. It’s appropriate alongside the download symbol. In the event that you send a story, your followers will have the capacity to view it an unlimited number of times in one day. You will see who has seen your story as well. You can also change who is able to view your stories under settings.

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